Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Cats

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil and CBD oil containing small amounts of THC are becoming popular. This type of hemp oil and CBD oil is best for cats. Using it is a non-traditional method to help a cat’s overall health and treat specific issues. 

CBD oil and Hemp oil have similar qualities. They both come from the hemp plant and contain 0.3% THC. However, Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant’s seeds, and CBD is derived from the hemp plant’s buds and leaves. And although the Hemp plant does contain some CBD, it is not as strong as CBD. Both oils are safe for your cat.

Read on to find out the benefits of both Hemp oil and CBD oil for your cat. You will also learn about the different types of each and what to look for if you decide to give one of them to your fur baby.

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Similarities Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Cats

Due to Hemp oil and CBD oil both coming from the Hemp plant, there are some similarities. The THC amount in both will be lower because the Hemp plant itself does not contain high amounts. Both oils can be used in a medicinal way or by being a part of your cat’s everyday diet. If your veterinarian cannot answer your questions, you can always ask a veterinarian who practices integrative medicine.

 Hemp oil CBD oil
Comes from the Hemp plantXX
Contains 0.3% or less THC (no high feeling)XX
Anti-inflammation benefitsXX
Soothes nauseaXX
Reduce StressXX

Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Cats

Hemp oil comes in two forms. There is a Hemp oil and a Hemp seed oil. Both oils are similar, but it is good to know that there are two different forms when looking at different oil bottles. While coming from a Hemp plant, CBD oil is different because there is a more concentrated amount of CBD due to the part of the plant it comes from.

hemp oilcbd oil
Minimal amounts of CBDConcentrated amounts of CBD
Comes from seeds (Hemp seed oil)


Comes from the whole plant (Hemp oil)

Comes from leaves and buds of Hemp plant
Immune system supportHelps with depression
Supplement to cat’s daily dietHelps with cancer treatment side effects

The Different Types of Hemp Oil Available

Any oil extracted from a Hemp plant can be given the name Hemp oil. The Hempseed oil and the Hemp oil names are also used interchangeably depending on what you are reading or where you are reading your information. Knowing ahead of time what the differences are can help aid you in deciding for your cat. When searching for the different types of Hemp oil for your cat, remember these helpful examples:

  • If the Hemp oil information sounds like CBD oil information, there is a good chance there will be CBD in that version of Hemp oil.
  • If the Hemp oil information sounds like a vitamin, a supplement, or will help with your cat’s skin, there is a good chance that version of Hemp oil is Hempseed oil.

Your cat can have too much hemp oil or hempseed oil. As far as those two products harmful, that is not the case. 

The Benefits of Hemp seed Oil for Your Cat

Hemp seed oil can be extremely beneficial for your cat. Hemp seed oil can be seen as more of a vitamin. A vitamin or a daily supplement would be the best way to describe Hemp seed oil because what it will do for your cat has to do with their everyday life. Hemp seed oil can help your cat with:

  • Diet – To get any extra needed vitamins or nutrients, your cat may be missing in their diet.
  • Immune system – To help prevent your cat from getting sick.
  • Joints and circulation – Due to the magnesium found in Hemp seed oil your cat can have stronger bones and joints. Magnesium also aids in blood circulation.
  • Skin – The Hemp seed oil can aid in skin itchiness or any kind of skin allergy your cat might have and can help your cat’s skin and coat stay healthy and shiny. 

Hemp seed oil can make a great supplement to add to your cat’s daily diet. Your cat can be perfectly healthy and can still enjoy the benefits of Hemp seed oil.

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Side Effects of Hemp Seed Oil

A side effect of Hemp oil is that your cat may be overly tired or sleep more often than they usually do. They also may start drinking more water than they typically do. Once the Hemp oil or Hempseed oil leaves the cat’s system, the cat will start acting normal again. 

If you decide to continue choosing to use Hemp oil or Hempseed oil for your cat, you may want to give him or her a smaller dose than the first time. If your cat continues to have what could be side effects from the Hemp oil or Hempseed oil it would be in your cat’s best interest to stop using the product. 

Choosing Hemp Seed Oil for Your Cat

When picking out the Hemp seed oil make sure it is just the oil extract you are purchasing. Cats can eat the Hemp seeds themselves, but it should be in an amount that would equal a treat-sized serving due to the cat’s digestive system having a more difficult time breaking healthy fats down. Deciding to give your cat Hemp seed oil is your choice, but it is still a good idea to check with your cat’s veterinarian first. 

Hemp seed oil does get old. There should be an expiration date on the bottle or the packaging. In the event there is not, the best way to tell if your Hemp seed oil has gone bad is if the color changes or the smell changes.

Shop around for the best Hemp seed oil available for your cat. If you are unsure, your veterinarian may be able to help you

The Benefits of Hemp Oil for Your Cat

Since Hemp oil comes from the actual Hemp plant, it can contain amounts of CBD. Hemp oil is produced using the whole plant, and CBD oil is produced using the leaves and buds from the Hemp plant. Hemp oil can also be a carrier oil for CBD. Hemp oil for cats can aid in:

Being an anti-inflammatory – This can help with the pain that comes with post-surgery recovery. It can also help with inflammation that comes from other ailments such as joints, gums, or the intestinal tract.

Pain relief – Can aid in pain and discomfort that your cat may be experiencing. For example, if your cat has arthritis or any joint pain, hemp oil can offer relief. Hemp oil will not cure arthritis in cats but can help your cat get through the day.

Stress and anxiety relief – Since Hemp oil usually comes from the plant and not the seeds, it can contain amounts of CBD. The CBD that is in the Hemp oil can aid in the relief of pain, stress, and anxiety that could be caused by going to the vet, moving, or having visitors. 

Stomach problems or nauseousness – Hemp oil can help soothe an upset stomach and help calm a nauseous tummy.

Why Hemp Oil Could Have Trace Amounts of CBD in it

CBD oil is taken from the leaves and buds of the Hemp plant and the Hemp oil is taken from the remaining plant. The two areas of the plant near each other can allow some of the CBD to end up on the other plant portions that the Hemp oil is taken from.

Hemp oil is not going to help cure any of the illnesses your cat may have, but it can help make your cat’s day more tolerable by alleviating some of the discomforts your cat may be having. Due to high THC levels being toxic to your cat, please read the label on the Hemp oil bottle before giving it to your cat.

Before using Hemp oil check with your cat’s veterinarian.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Cat

CBD oil for cats at smaller doses can help cats with their day to day lives and help reduce symptoms of some illnesses. Some benefits of CBD oil are:

Pain and inflammation relief – Cats that suffer from arthritis where their joints are inflamed or cats in any kind of pain, such as nerve pain, will be helped with CBD oil. Another form of inflammation in cats that can be aided is any digestive.

Cancer treatment side effects  – The pain and nausea that can come with the side effects to cancer treatments in cats can be helped. The side effects may not fully go away, but there is a possibility it will slow down. CBD oil might interfere with some cancer medications your cat might be taking. Talk to your cat’s veterinarian first he or she can help you decide if CBD oil is an option.

Stress and anxiety – Cats can have stressors that can affect their daily lives also. A couple examples are changes in daily routine and loud noises. Fear can also cause stress or anxious behavior, leading to other stressors or more anxiety.

Skin conditions – While CBD oil can aid in dry skin or other skin conditions your cat may have. The carrier oil that is also in the CBD can help your cat’s skin as well.

Appetite control and weight loss – Rats that were introduced with excess hunger showed reduced weight gain when CBD oil was introduced. Reduced weight gain when very hungry is a sign of appetite control. Appetite control can help aid in weight loss by not overeating

Depression – Depression can be added to the list, along with stress and anxiety. The one observed side effect was reduced food consumption and body weight. 

Different Carrier Oils for CBD Oil

All cats are different so just because your cat may be completely fine with a certain CBD oil your friend’s cat might not be. This can be due to the different carrier oils that are used in different versions of CBD. Carrier oils used with CBD oil can be:

Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil has already been discussed above and does have its own beneficial qualities about it. 

Palm Oil

Palm oil is harvested from an Oil palm tree. The oil can be harvested year-round.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and Omega-9 fatty acids. It helps break down the fat inside of fat cells, and it can make your cat’s skin soft and add a little shine to their coat. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can help with your cat’s skin, immune system, and digestive system. It can help support thyroid function and helps enhance your cat’s metabolism as well.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids the same as Olive oil. It can help reduce osteoarthritis discomfort and is effective against gum disease.

If you decide to try CBD oil with your cat check to see what the carrier oil is. Watch your cat over the next few days and see how their digestive systems are reacting. One form of CBD oil might not work well due to the carrier oil causing an upset digestive system, not the CBD oil itself.

Why Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil is Best for Your Cat

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is available; this type of CBD oil is the better kind for your cat because it comes from the Hemp plant. Broad-spectrum will not contain any THC so getting the “high” feeling or any kind of THC toxicity will not happen to your cat. There are not many studies that have been done for cats as far as testing to see how CBD oil can affect them, but more and more information is becoming available as people start looking for healthier ways to take care of their cats.

Don’t Give Your Cat Full-Spectrum CBD Oil that Contains THC

CBD oil can also come from Marijuana plants. The Hemp plant CBD oil will be the safest version for your cat. Any kind of CBD oil that is said to be full-spectrum CBD oil you should stay away from as well because this form of CBD oil can also contain high amounts of THC. THC toxicity can affect your cat quickly if your cat is exposed. Cats exposed to THC can become confused and uncoordinated. High amounts of THC can cause your cat to have seizures or even end up in a coma.

Dosage Amounts of Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Your Cat

Dosing for CBD oil and cats is 1-5mg per every ten pounds of body weight. Therefore, starting at a lower dose and working your way up to a higher dose if your cat needs it is the better way to go. Cats can have sensitive digestive systems, and slowly getting your cat used to CBD oil can help the process go smoother.

Hemp oil dosage should be started at the smallest amount possible and then move up the dosage if need be after watching how it effects your cat. Finding the right dosage amount of Hemp seed oil can be difficult. Start with a smaller dose as you would with the CBD oil dose and use more if needed.

What to Look for When Purchasing Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Your Cat

The Farm Bill of 2018 states that Hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% THC to be legal. CBD oil that contains Hemp does fall under the Farm Bill of 2018 as well. Laws and regulations for states are constantly changing and many states are different. However, it might still be against the law for your veterinarian to prescribe Hemp oil or CBD oil to you.

Research was conducted by Marcel Bonn-Miller PhD to see if CBD products were being labeled correctly, the study showed that 70% of the products bought online and tested were labeled incorrectly. This can become a dangerous situation for your cat if you are unsure what to look for. 

High amounts of THC over 0.3% can be poisonous to your cats and should not be given to them. As a pet parent purchasing a product online for your cat, it is extremely important to check the labels. If your veterinarian cannot help you and you must purchase the products online, try to read up as much as you can about the product. Check to see if there is a customer service number you can call and make sure you do if you are unsure.

CBD oil currently is not being regulated before it is sold. Even though the THC levels are supposed to be under the 0.3% it doesn’t change the fact that higher amounts were found in the study. When purchasing the Hemp oil or CBD oil of your choice, check the price also; a lot of the time if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Final Thoughts

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil right now is a toss-up and ultimately depends on the decision you make for your cat. Hemp oil and Hempseed oil give your cat the benefits of a vitamin or a supplement, and CBD oil can benefit your cat possibly more in a medicinal way. There still is not enough information or research that has been done to reach the full extent of what can come from using Hemp oil or CBD oil.