5 Best Litter Boxes for Large Cats in 2021

Best Litter Box for Large Cat

Ask any cat lover (or even the haters), and litter boxes will likely be the hands-down least favorite thing about owning a cat. They stink, they’re expensive to maintain, they require constant scooping and cleaning, and our cats can be so weird about them!

Nod along if you’ve experienced any of these before: cats going next to the litter box, flinging litter outside the box, going in the same spot in the box, making all kinds of noise when they go…the list goes on.

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This becomes even more challenging when you have a large breed of cat, an overweight cat, or a mix of several sizes of cats.

In this guide, we’ll show you our picks for the best litter boxes for large cats, as well as how to set up and maintain your litter boxes. By the end, you’ll be ready to provide the private poop palaces that your “Royal Highnesses” require.

7 Best Litter Boxes for Large Cats

1. PetFusion Large Litter Box (the BetterBox)

PetFusion BetterBox Large Litter Box. Pet Safe Non-Stick Coating for Easier Cleaning & Superior...
  • SUPERIOR AT CLEANING CAT LITTER: (I) Non-stick coating reduces cat litter from sticking up to 70% in this cat litter box....
  • VET RECOMMENDED FEATURES: (I) Open top litter pan to promote healthy usage (enclosed spaces might cause behavior issues)....
  • GREAT VALUE: (I) ABS plastic more durable & rigid than standard polypropylene litter boxes. (II) Pet safe non-stick coating...
  • SMART DESIGN: (I) Spacious curves are inviting & make for easier scooping/cleaning of this large litter box. (II) For use...
  • LARGE SIZE & SAFETY: (I) 22.6 x 18.1 x 8.0 inches. (II) All materials for our cat litter box are tested using stringent...

The first litter box for large cats on our list is the PetFusion Large Litter Box (humbly dubbed the ‘BetterBox’). Currently you can pick one of these up for around $40, or you can get a 2-pack for $60, a $20 savings.

The footprint is comparable with many other litter boxes, but its 8 inches depth is excellent for large cats (or if your cat has a neurotic digging fixation!) The litter box has an open top to avoid stress-induced behaviors and trapping odors.

However, like many hooded litter boxes, this PetFusion box dips down a few inches in the front to accommodate older cats. These features seek to prevent any distaste our feline friends might have with using the box.

The PetFusion is made of non-stick, anti-microbial ABS plastic to create a durable product that resists odors. Additionally, the edges are all curved to make for easier scooping and cleaning.

Experienced cat parents know how much nasty stuff can get stuck in the corners of traditional litter boxes.

Most customers are extremely impressed with the non-stick surface (though a few have claimed to have issues). People love the high sides and the accommodation for older/smaller cats with the lowered edge.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 22.6” L x 18.1” W x 8” D
  • Materials: ABS plastic, non-stick coating
  • Design features: Rounded edges, lowered entrance

What We Like

  • Deep for cats who love to dig
  • Accommodates older cats
  • Rounded edges for easier scooping
  • Non-stick coating

What We Don't Like

  • High price point
  • Small footprint challenging for some large cats


Some point out that the smaller footprint can make it more difficult for larger cats. All around, we found the PetFusion Large Litter Box (the BetterBox) to be a deep-but-compact, and easy-to-clean litter box for large cats.

2. Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches
  • High sides to prevent litter scatter
  • Care and cleaning: Spot or wipe clean
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • Item dimension: 23.4 inches Length x 18.25 inches Width x 11 inches Height
  • Packaging may vary

Nature's Miracle is a household name in the pet owner game. Known for their enzyme-activated pet stain products, Nature's Miracle brings their expertise to large cat litter boxes.

This box is all around just a bit larger than the PetFusion BetterBox, and even deeper at 11 inches. Similarly, it has a lowered side for easier access, and non-stick anti-microbial surfaces.

While the curved edges don't seem to be as pronounced as the PetFusion box, they should still prevent waste from getting stuck in the crevices of the box. There are two interesting design improvements over the PetFusion.

One is that the access point is formed into a spout, for easier emptying of the box. (We've all experienced that moment of terror: Can I get all this dirty litter into the trash bag without it getting everywhere?).

Second, Nature's Miracle has included grips on the back and sides of the litter box, to aid with handling. All this comes in at a more affordable $11.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 23.4" L x 18.25" W x 11" D
  • Materials: Non-stick, non-microbial plastic
  • Design features: rounded edges, hand grips, access point which doubles as a litter pour spout

What We Like

  • Affordable price point
  • Slightly larger
  • Helpful design

What We Don't Like

  • High price point
  • Small footprint challenging for some large cats


Customers like the little quality-of-life design features, and report that the box does its job of keeping litter from being kicked over the sides. Some do point out that the front is a bit low, causing litter to spill over on that side.

Overall, the Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is a well-designed high-wall litter box.

3. KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box

KittyGoHere Cat Litter Box, Small Size, Apple Green Color, Durable & Pet Safe Kitty Litter Box,...
  • PAW-FECT FOR CATS: This top entry cat litter box has been specially designed for cats who can't cope with a traditional...
  • SMART & DURABLE DESIGN: We have proudly made this litter box in the USA. The innovative litter pan box is made with durable,...
  • OPEN TOP LITTER PAN: Being an open tray, it's a great option for fearful or older cats who have trouble getting through a...
  • MULTIPLE SIZES ARE AVAILABLE: Because no two cats are the same size, no two litter boxes should be either. Larger cats may...
  • EASY TO USE: This pet safe litter box is very easy to maintain and handle. This litter box works perfectly for an older cat...

KittyGoHere has designed a line of products with your aging boy or girl in mind. Just like people, many cats deal with arthritis and reduced range of motion as they get into kitty retirement age. (What does a cat retire from, anyway?)

To that end, the sides are lower than other large cat litter boxes. The KittyGoHere boxes top out at 5 inches high, but their footprints can still be rather spacious. There are two size options: a 20"x15"x5" option (smaller than the two previous products), or a massive 24"x20"x5" (the largest yet).

The edges have a bit of a curve to them, though not as drastic as the PetFusion. Similar to other boxes, it is an access point that is lower than the other three sides. Since this box is only 5 inches high, it will be quite low.

This is an important design feature for an old or arthritic cat, but could be a problem for over-zealous buriers. One nice aspect of the opening on the larger 20" x 15" box is that it is wide, accommodating wider cats.

This is the first product on our list to come in multiple colors. The colors are most light colors: Apple Green, Beach Sand, Storybook Lavender, and Little Boy Blue.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 24" L x 20" W x 5" D -or- 20" L x 15" W x 5" D
  • Materials: plastic
  • Design features: large foot print, very low entry point, multiple colors
  • Colors: green, tan, lavender, blue

What We Like

  • Designed specifically for older cats
  • Large footprint
  • Mid-range price point
  • Colors!

What We Don't Like

  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Lower sides can be a challenge for digging cats


Customers love the large footprint of the box, saying that it solved issues with cats not wanting to climb the box. They also found that a larger box meant less liquid was tracked outside the box.

Some point out that the material is a bit more porous than other products and can be challenging to clean. Overall The KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box is a great box for cats who don't move like they used to, and has an excellent large footprint.

4. Catit Cat Litter Pan with Litter Shield Rim

Catit Cat Litter Large Pan, Gray, 58702
  • Versatile: Suitable for all types of cat litter
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean with cat litter scooper
  • Great Design: Raised back and high sides helps keep litter inside the litter box
  • Additional Features: Added rim around the top acts as a shield to prevent litter from spilling out of the litter box
  • Measurements: 22.2" L x 16.3" W x 11.3" H

Catit is focused on enriching the lives of all cats, especially indoor cats. They have a wide array of different cat products, including a full range of litter boxes and accessories.

This litter box is designed primarily with cleanliness in mind, keeping the outside of the box clean and making scooping easier. Its footprint is a bit smaller than the PetFusion BetterBox and Nature's Miracle products, but has a similarly super-high depth at 11.3 inches.

Like other products on this list, the Catit box is designed with high walls to prevent litter from going overboard. However, where this litter box really shines it the added "litter shield". This is a removable rim that hangs over the inside edge of the litter box, keeping flung litter inside the box.

What really makes this feature shine is that the removable rim allows cat owners to keep disposable litter box liners (or trash bags) firmly attached to the box without tape or other MacGyver-ing.

Additionally, the rim has a hooked section which is designed to keep scooping bags open while you scoop. Though the box tapers from around 11 inches in the back to 7 inches in the front, it is the first on this list not to include a low access point.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 22.2" L x 16.3" W x 11.3" D (tapers back to front)
  • Materials: plastic
  • Design features: high walls all around, removable litter shield, hook for scooping bag

What We Like

  • Midrange price point
  • Keeps litter in
  • Excellent design features

What We Don't Like

  • No low access point can be hit or miss for cat parents
  • Some quality issues


Customers swear by this litter box's ability to keep in litter, and keep litter box liners firmly in place. Those with large cats also report that there is plenty of room for their big boys and girls, which is good news.

Some customers have had issues with the sturdiness of the plastic. Overall, this litter box keeps litter in the box, and has killer design features.

5. Nature's Miracle Disposable Litter Box, Jumbo

Nature's Miracle Disposable Cat Litter Box, Travel Litter Box, Jumbo 2 Pack
  • Baking soda provides extra protection against the tough litter box and ammonia odors
  • Will not shred or leak
  • Made from recycled paper and land-fill safe
  • Suited for use with all litter types
  • Packaging and color may vary

Well, here's the first surprise for us on this list—we didn't know they made disposable litter boxes.

What a time to be alive! Nature's Miracle makes their second entry on this list, this time with a baking soda-infused, recycled litter box that also happens to be large. 

Measuring in at a 21 x 15.25 inch footprint, it compares with other products on the list in terms of size, and runs middle-of-the-pack with a 7.75 inch depth. Nature's Miracle says that this litter box resists shredding and is landfill safe.

Perhaps the most remarkable claim is that, because this litter box is breathable, air is able to flow through the whole box, drying the trapped moisture that leads to odors. And of course, after about a month of use, simply pitch the whole thing into the garbage!

They last longer than you might imagine a paper/cardboard litter box would, but at around $15 per two-pack (around $90/year), cost is something to be considered.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 21" L x 15.25" W x 7.75" D
  • Materials: Recycled paper & baking soda
  • Design features: Disposable, landfill safe, odor-blocking technology

What We Like

  • Disposable!
  • Long-lasting
  • Makes litter last longer

What We Don't Like

  • Disposable means higher price
  • Can be hard to scoop


Customers love that this is an environmentally-friendly option, and find that the disposable boxes last at least as long as the manufacturer recommends, if not longer.

People also seem to agree that the breathable box does actually help the litter to last longer. Some point out that the price is too much for them, and that textures and grooves in the box make cleaning it a challenge.

Overall, this is much sturdier than any disposable litter box has a right to be, and suits the needs of large cat owners.

Best Automatic Litter Box

No products found.

"Great," you might say to yourself. "The only thing I need now is for my litter box to clean itself!" And you're in luck. Those are a thing. But why might you want an automatic litter box for large cats?

For one thing, regularly cleaning your litter box is a pain, but as we'll discuss later, it's vitally important. For many different reasons, your cat's litter box needs regularly scooped to maintain their health, cleanliness, and the cleanliness of your home.

However, some of us are lazy. No judgment here, but the litter box still needs cleaned. This is where an automatic litter box can come in handy.

We submit for your approval the Omega Paw Large Roll 'n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box for Cats. A behemoth of a litter box, it sits at 23 inches long by 19 inches wide.

This particular box has a hood, which can be a divisive topic. On one hand, some cats prefer privacy and will like the hooded litter box.

On the other hand, odors can become trapped in the box, and your cat may avoid it altogether if he or she doesn't like the hood.

However, the hood and box work together as a unit to accomplish something amazing. Are you ready to hear how you scoop in this box? Roll the whole thing (slowly) from left to right.

A grate in the bottom of the box allows litter to sift through while trapping clumped waste. Give it an extra thump on the bottom to release stuck clumps. Then, roll the box back to its resting position.

Pull a magical drawer from the top of the box, and find that all your cat waste has been deposited there! No scoopers, no scraping, no slaving over a poop box—all done, super easy!

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 23" L x 19" W x 18.5" D (hooded)
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Design features: Innovative automatic cleaning process, grate and drawer, hood

What We Like

  • Priced similarly to other non-automatic large cat boxes
  • Fun!
  • Don't have to touch cat pee

What We Don't Like

  • Can get dusty
  • Will eventually need thoroughly cleaned


Customers find rolling this litter box around to be a fun alternative to the sometimes grueling work of scooping. It keeps hands off of cat waste and cuts down on time spent with the litter box.

The grate also generally stays cleaner than the combs on mechanical options. Some customers found that the unit can kick up litter dust, and the wear of rolling the litter box can eventually break down the box.

Customers were generally happy with the large size for their large kitties. Overall, the Omega Paw Large Roll 'n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box creates a fun and painless litter box scooping experience.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box for Large Cats

No products found.

But you're not satisfied. You don't just want a litter box suitable for your large cat. You don't want a toy that you roll around the house. You want a status symbol. You want a litter box that doubles as a statement piece, and of course it needs to clean itself.

May we present to you the Litter-Robot 3 Connect, the WiFi-enabled (yes you read that correctly), automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. You will never scoop another cat box again, and you'll look classy while, er, not doing it.

Litter Robot has been around since 1999, and has now brought litter boxes into the Internet of Things. The self cleaning litter box works with a multi-step process. When your cat enters the box, a motion sensor is engaged.

When your cat is finished refreshing himself, a process similar to the Omega Paw begins. Imagine a cement truck. The motorized system rotates the circular box, first allowing the litter to flow through a sift, then funneling waste through a chute and into a drawer below the box.

The drawer is lined with a disposable liner, which you can easily remove and dispose of. 

Other features include adjustable wait times for your specific clumping litter, sleep settings, and a ribbed stair step to remove litter from cat feet. The unit can dump its full contents (litter included) and be disassembled for a deep cleaning. The bottom of the box is lined with a rubber material that prevents sticking and makes cleaning easier.

The cherry on top is new WiFi connectivity and companion app, which allows you to monitor the fullness of the waste drawer, and ensure your cat's health based on his, er, regularity. All of this has a $500 price tag, with financing available.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Size: 29" H x 22" W x 24" D (overall)
  • Materials: Various. Largely plastic, with rubberized bottom
  • Design features: motorized self-cleaning, adjustable wait times, sleep modes, WiFi & app-enabled

What We Like

  • Self-cleaning with no combs
  • Reputation of durability and excellent function
  • Fully featured

What We Don't Like

  • Mechanical products can fail
  • $500 is a lot of money for a litter box


Customers love this product! You can tell that this is a finely tuned product that has been honed over 20 years, and it does what it says does. Your cat box is always fresh the same as if you followed them around and scooped constantly.

With the new app, you can know how your cats and litter box are doing even while gone on vacation or business.

Like any mechanical product, there can be errors, and you still need to keep on top of emptying the waste drawer to ensure an odor free environment. Overall, this is an amazing and well-tested device that works for large and small cats alike.

How to Choose a Litter Box

So, after you've read all of our reviews, or even if you don't have a large cat and just want to know how to choose the right litter box, here are some tips to consider.

Where it's going. Your litter box will need to fit where ever you plan to put it. You live in an apartment and only have a corner of your room to spare, or you might need your litter box to fit under the stairs, or in an enclosure you've made. In any case, you'll want to keep the intended space in mind, and make sure your box fits.

Your cat's size. We've been talking about this all throughout this guide. Larger cats will generally need larger boxes, while kittens or smaller cats can get away with smaller boxes.

Your cat's age. As we mentioned, kittens will need especially small boxes, while older cats may need special accommodations like boxes with low access points or open top boxes for blind cats.

Your cat's habits. Cats are known for being fastidious and fickle. Does your cat like their privacy? You may consider a litter box with a hood on top. Is your cat sensitive to smells? Then the top might be a bad idea.

Does your cat tend to do their business right outside, or over the side of, the box? You'll want protective material under your box, or a box with a large enough foot print that prevents the behavior.

Is your cat burrowing to the center of the earth? You may want a litter box with high walls, and consider boxes with reinforced bases that resist scratching and shredding.

Your litter: There are all different types of litters available for you to use in your litter box. Most litters work well in most boxes, but some boxes do require special litter.

Particularly, automatic and self-cleaning litter boxes require clumping litter. On the other hand, clumping litter can be difficult to clean or not work as intended in litter boxes with textured or porous walls and bases.

You can choose to use special litter boxes with pine litter which extend the life of the litter.

Your needs: Are you a pretty responsible cat owner and don't mind getting down and dirty? Then any box may do—sharp corners, nooks and crannies, doesn't matter.

Get the cheapest one on the market. Do you procrastinate on cleaning the box? A well-designed box and some clumping litter will be key to keeping you cleaning the litter box regularly.

Are you the type of person that lets your litter box go…a little longer than recommended? Then a self-cleaning litter box or an automatic litter box might work better for you.

How to Set Up a Litter Box

Best Litter Box for Large Cats

In some ways, setting up a litter box is self-explanatory: you get a litter box and you put litter in it. But here are some tips to get the best litter box set up for your cat and your home.

You need multiple litter boxes. According to veterinarians, the rule of thumb is “n+1,” meaning one box for every cat, plus an extra. Admittedly, we have not always adhered to the n+1 rule here at Cat Attitudes, but this is the best way to decrease stress with your cats.

If your cats are stressed out by another cat, dog, child, etc, this rule gives them another option if their preferred spot is blocked.

Choose a litter. We’ve written before about how to choose cat litter here on Cat Attitudes, but there are all sorts of types of litter to choose from. Common commercial cat litters are made from clay, and you can get types that clump and types that don’t.

Non clumping clay is affordable, while clumping clay is easier to clean. There are several organic options, such as paper, pine, and corn, which are biodegradable and contain no harsh chemicals, but are less resilient.

Scented litter can conceal your cat’s dirty little secrets from your family and guests, but cats tend to prefer scentless litter.

How much litter? How much litter to put in the litter box? The basic answer is enough for your cat to fully bury their waste. However, it depends on your cat’s litter box habits.

You can start with 3 inches and monitor your cat’s behavior in the litter box. If waste is remaining unburied, try more. If it seems sufficient, you may be able to cut back.

Put your boxes in the right place. This may be one of the most finicky parts of setting up your cat litter boxes.

Cats tend to be easily stressed, and when they’re stressed, they often have no problem finding someplace else to relieve themselves—probably somewhere you don’t want them to go.

Litter boxes should be spread out, out of the way but not hidden, and have multiple access points. Most of these tips serve to keep a cat from being scared away from their litter box.

By having boxes spread out, if one box is unsuitable (smells weird, lots of commotion, etc), the cat can simply move on to the next one. If all the boxes are together and there is a stressor there, your cat might just find a secluded corner to ruin.

Keep the boxes out of the way, but not hidden. If you hide the boxes, it becomes more likely that accessing the box will be complicated, which will dissuade the cat from using it. However, boxes should be somewhat off the beaten path, to avoid foot traffic becoming a stressor for your cats.

The box should have a few access points. This means that if something (house clutter, or a bully) is keeping your cat from accessing the litter box from one angle, they have another.

You may notice that all of this pretty much rules out hiding litter boxes in stylish furniture or using litter boxes with covers. Cats are like people. What bothers one cat may not bother another.

If you prefer these types of litter box placements, try them and see if they work. However, if you cat appears agitated or stops using that litter box, you may need to abandon the idea of a hideaway litter box.

Consider putting something under the box. We’ll talk more about what you can put under it later. If you have a cheap box, if your cat will sometimes go outside the box, or if your cat likes to fling litter around, these are all good reasons to consider putting some kind of matting underneath your litter box.

Your box is all set. Pretty much all of setting up a litter box is getting your cat to use the litter box. Its size, shape, fill, and placement all serve the purpose of making the litter box a stress free place where a cat can do its business.

What to Put Under a Litter Box

Leaky old litter box? Your cat likes to hang their back side over the rim of the box and do their business that way? (We’ve had some who have.)

Just need to keep your cats from tracking litter everywhere? There’s all kinds of stuff you can put under a litter box to keep your home a cleaner place.

Newspapers or butcher paper. This is the classic. Open up a newspaper and spread full sheets out in a 2x2 pattern, overlapping the corners in the center of the pattern. Placing the litter box in the center of the pattern will weigh the papers down. This will catch litter and feces, but isn’t water proof.

Pet training pads. These pads, using the same materials as diapers, catch feces and absorb urine. You can place them around the litter box or over problem areas. These will do a great job of catching waste and litter, but can look a little tacky if your litter box is within view.

Warehouse materials. If you have a connection to a local warehouse, you can use cardboard boxes, gaylords, or slipsheets to place under your litter box. These are a little more cohesive than multiple newspapers or pet training pads, but still look a little DIY.

Litter mats. Pet supply companies make a wide variety of mats that are specifically designed to go around or underneath litter boxes. These can vary depending on your primary use for them.

Older mats have several plastic nibs that trap litter inside them. However, these don’t feel particularly good for cats to walk on. Modern mats for catching litter are soft and have a combination of mesh and grooves to catch litter.

Other mats are have a two-layer design, with a waterproof bottom and mesh top, creating a pocket that captures stray litter while still protecting your floor from waste.

How to Clean a Litter Box

Clean Litter Box

Cleaning your cat’s litter box is key to enjoying your furry friend in a clean and pleasant-smelling home. Cleaning the litter box is also going to keep your cat happy and stress-free.

First, scooping your litter boxes at least once daily is a must. Twice is even better. Get a quality, sturdy scooper (we recommend a metal one). Gently knock against the sides of the box, releasing clumped waste from the litter box itself.

The goal is to remove waste clumps, leaving as little debris behind in the box. Work from one side of the box to the other.

If your cats demonstrate preferences in where they bury waste in the box, you can start away from those areas and work toward them, to avoid breaking up waste clumps. Refill your litter box after you scoop waste, to keep the litter at a consistent height.

Dispose of waste in a small bag, preferably something biodegradable. It is not recommended to flush cat waste. Clumped cat litter can ruin septic systems.

Furthermore, water treatment plants can not eliminate Toxoplasma gondii, parasites that cats can carry and spread in their feces. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to these parasites.

Deep cleaning your litter box and replacing the litter will vary depending on your diligence in scooping daily. Generally, you only need to empty and wash the litter box once a month, in hot soapy water.

Using harsh chemicals such as bleach is not recommended, as cats’ noses are sensitive to these. You may need to clean your box more frequently, more thoroughly, or replace your box altogether, if you scoop infrequently.

Don’t do that! The best way to ensure your cat’s happiness and healthiness, and the cleanliness of your home, is to scoop daily and deep clean monthly.

Final Thoughts

It’s all about keeping our cats happy and healthy, especially when they’re big boys or big girls. We hope that we’ve helped you with some of our favorite picks, what we think are the best litter boxes for large cats out there.

It can take some trial and error to find the box that’s right for your cat, and a lot of patience to get them using it consistently. But for the joy, curiosity, playfulness, and humor they bring to our lives, they’re worth it!

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