7 of the Best Cat Trees (2024 Reviews)

Investing in a cat tree not only gives your cat something fun to play on but can also be beneficial for their physical and mental health. Allowing your cats to exercise and indulge in instinctual behaviors is a great way to keep them happy and healthy. 

We have found the best cat trees for you to look through to make a well-informed purchase. We considered all of the critical features in choosing a cat tree and similar products, with the most important considerations being durability and material. Each of the products featured in this article has unique variations, and some may be more suitable for specific cats. 

The following product reviews provide you with a wide range of options for different-sized cats, varying personalities, and design preferences. All these cat trees and structures are made with quality materials, and the one that is perfect for you will depend solely on your preferences and your cat’s needs.

7 Best Cat Trees for Your Best Friend

Cats love to climb and hide in nooks and crannies. A cat tree is the perfect way for your cat to climb in your home without tearing up your furniture. Check out the cat condos and trees that Cat Attitudes recommends for your best friend.

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BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo 72 inches Tall Multi-Level Playpen House Kitty Activity Tree...
  • ✔【PROTECT YOUR BELOVED FURNITURE FREOM DAMAGE】Does your cat scratch around and damage your furniture? Are you still...
  • ✔【STABILITY IS ALWAYS PRIORITY】Your cat gets quite frisky on our cat tree. The cat condo stays put with no sign of...
  • ✔【FELINE-FRIENDLY SOFTNESS】Ultra-soft plush of our cat condo gives optimal smooth touch that your kitten can never get...
  • ✔【CATS WILL LOVE IT】Great cat tree for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising; The cat tower design recommend...
  • ✔【EASY TO INSTALL】Our cat tree can be installed easily in 30 minutes! Don't worry about assembly of our cat condo! If...

BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo

The BestPet Cat Tree Condo is a large cat tree with multiple levels and perches that allows your cat to play while remaining sturdy and stable. The multiple covered areas and soft carpet material make it a comfortable space for your cat to sleep and play. Multiple scratching posts located at varying levels prevent your cat from scratching around the house. 

Because of its sturdiness, this is also one of the best cat trees for multiple cats. With two sleeping nooks, multiple cats can take advantage of the space at once. This cat structure is heavy-duty, accommodating upwards of 3 large cats. The natural particleboard material allows for the durability and ability to withstand greater capacity. 

While this is not a ceiling to floor cat tree, it is among the tallest on our list and gives cats a great vantage point in a room. This can help to make them feel safer and calmer when they are fully aware of their surroundings. The BestPet tree condos are available in other sizes with varying designs if you are looking for different dimensions to fit in your home.  

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 24 x 22 x 73 inches
  • Weight: 41.7 pounds 
  • Material: Soft plush exterior, premium density board, compressed cardboard, sisal rope
  • Colors: Beige, brown, navy blue
  • Installation: Less than 30 minutes

What We Like 

  • The scratching posts are made with thick natural sisal, making them scratch-resistant for long-term use 
  • Considering its size and multiple features, this cat condo is a great value buy that will be long-lasting.
  • At just under 42 pounds, the cat tree is still relatively lightweight, considering its height and weight capacity.

What We Don’t Like 

  • While easy to install, some users have had difficulty putting the pieces together and may require careful reading of instructions.


The BestPet Cat Tree Condo is one of our top choices for larger cat trees and heavier cats. Because it can accommodate more than 100 pounds, it’s a stable and reliable product.

Modern Cat Tree

THE REFINED FELINE 69 Inch Tall Mahogany Brown Lotus Cat Tower, Multi-Level Modern Cat Tree for...
  • 🐈 BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED. Sophisticated and sleek, The Refined Feline’s Lotus Cat Tower combines contemporary, simple...
  • 🐾 STURDY AND DURABLE. This tall 75 lbs wooden cat tree is constructed from beautiful oak veneer over bent plywood, unlike...
  • 🐈 COMFORTABLE AND FUNCTIONAL. The Lotus Cat Tower features multiple perches lined with berber carpet or white faux fur on...
  • 🐾 REMOVABLE, WASHABLE, & REPLACEABLE PARTS. Cleaning is easy as all carpets are attached with a velcro-like material and...
  • 🐈 TOOLS AND INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED. Assembly of this modern cat tower is required and takes about an hour. All of the...

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is one of the more unique cat trees with its sleek design. With four perches and a cubby for sleeping, this modern cat tree is an attractive piece of cat furniture to place in your home. Each perch is covered with carpet pieces for comfort and a sisal pad for scratching. This is one of the most durable and well-constructed towers as well. 

The top perch area is curved to make the resting area more comfortable for cats. It is also lined in fabric to prevent slipping and make the surface warmer. This design contributes to the unique curves and wave-like design of the unit. 

Inside the cubby area and on top are cushioned surfaces to make sleeping comfortable for your cats. The cushion can be easily removed and washed, and the area inside is an ideal space for litter boxes. The tower is also quite sturdy, giving you confidence that it won’t tip over when your cat moves on it. 

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 20 x 20 x 69 inches
  • Weight: 68.78 pounds 
  • Material: Plywood, foam cushion, berber carpet platforms, sisal rope 
  • Colors: Black, brown, espresso, gray, smoke
  • Installation: 30 minutes or less and tools included

What We Like 

  • The modern design and clean wood finish are highly valued by customers and available in multiple colors to fit in any home.
  • Each perch can support over 50 lbs., allowing for at least three cats to enjoy it simultaneously.  
  • Customers can easily reorder parts (carpet, sisal, cushions) that are worn out or become damaged over time.

What We Don’t Like 

  • Only one sleeping cubby may not be sufficient for multiple cats to use at the same time.
  • Velcro on carpeted areas may wear out with extended use and frequent movement of cats.


The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is the most innovative and striking from a design perspective, making it one of the best ‘non-cat-tree-looking’ cat tree on the market. It’s a sleek design piece to feature in your home.

Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree, Black
  • ULTRA-DURABLE: All scratching poles and boards are completely hand-glued with thick natural sisal ropes and skin friendly...
  • SAFETY FIRST: Crafted with heavy weight, durable and environmentally friendly 0.6-inch MDF boards for overall balance. Thick...
  • RELAXATION AND FUN: Tall cat perch that give your cat the best view, a condo and a top tunnel provide spaces for hiding out,...
  • SAVE YOUR FURNITURE: This kitty tower will entertain the restless claws to prevent them from ruining your furniture. The...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: The 27"L x 38"W x 62"H cat tree is suitable for small, medium, and large cats. All hardware and tools are...

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree offers multiple scratching posts and obstacles for your cats to make their way through. Ropes, hammock areas, rings, and ladders will keep your cat entertained. There is a small covered sleeping area for relaxing that is most comfortable for kittens and smaller cats. This ranks among the top for a variety of unique play areas. 

The structure is made of durable compressed wood to prevent tipping or damage and is covered in soft faux fur for comfort. Scratching areas are wrapped with sisal rope that will withstand hours and hours of scratches. The small ladder to climb up the tree is also covered in sisal rope for ease and advanced grip. 

While this tree can accommodate both small and large cats, the hammock and other perching areas are more suitable for small cats. This cat tree may be slightly more difficult for declawed cats to climb as the levels are not incredibly easy to ascend. This cat tree is worth the investment for the price and size, and you can expect it to last at least a year. 

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 38 x 27 x 62 inches
  • Weight: 38 pounds 
  • Material: Faux fur, compressed wood, sisal rope 
  • Colors: Beige, black, blue, brown, gray 
  • Installation: Easy assembly with instructions and tools included (around 20-30 minutes)

What We Like 

  • The perches have raised edges to prevent cats from falling off, especially when sleeping. 
  • Multiple scratching posts at every level allow for more safe surfaces to play on.
  • Available in multiple colors to best match your home interior and design preferences. 

What We Don’t Like 

  • The cat tree can be easily installed, but its hammock hooks are not the most practical and can be dangerous if screwed in too tightly.
  • After excessive use, some users have found perch levels become loose and lose security.


This cat condo has lots of fun areas for exploring and playing and is durably constructed to keep multiple cats safe at once. Check the Go Pet Club Cat Tree out for cats with short attention spans that need something new to play with continuously.

Large Size Cat Tower Multi-Level Cat Tree

MQ Cat Tree Cat Tower 70.1 in, Multi Level Cat Scratching Post with Condos, Ladders, Basket, Hammock...
  • A REAL VILLA FOR CATS: Furnished with 2 well padded top loungers, 2 spacious condos, 2 scratching ladders, 1 basket and 1...
  • SOFT & COZY HOUSE: Well padded top lounger, soft hammock and spacious caves with fluffy plush cover are designed for your cat...
  • SAFE AND STABLE - High quality particle boards make this cat tree an environment-friendly home furniture and the reinforced...
  • DURABLE CAT SCRATCHING TREE - Sturdy posts coiled with natural sisal rope keep your cats’ claws groomed and off your...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - All the required accessories and tools are included and you can assemble this cat tree quickly and use it...

Like the Go Pet model, this 68-inch multi-level cat tree is a cat tree jungle gym with over ten areas for perching, hammocks, swinging balls to bat at, scratching posts, and a sisal ladder to climb. It also includes two condo areas for sleeping, easily accommodating up to 44 pounds throughout the structure. 

The P2-grade particleboard will keep all pieces sturdy and intact, and at nearly 63 pounds, the structure will be difficult to tip over. The structure is covered in a soft faux fur to keep your cat comfortable during play and rest time. This material is also included on the inside of the small cat condo cubbies. 

On our list, this is one of the most complex and intricate cat trees with so many components for playing and resting. This cat tree is our recommendation for holding multiple cats comfortably and without conflict. If some cats need their own space, they can easily find it on this larger structure.  

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 23.6 x 19.7 x 68 inches 
  • Weight: 62.8 pounds
  • Material: CARB-certified P2-grade particleboard, plush fabric, sisal rope 
  • Colors: Beige, light gray, smoke gray 
  • Installation: Manual and tools included for simple step-by-step assembly

What We Like 

  • Considering its size, this is a quality product at a great price point.
  • Included tools and instructions make assembly simple.
  • Extra strip attachment available to reinforce the cat tree against a wall, especially when multiple cats are using the unit.

What We Don’t Like 

  • This tree is fairly cumbersome and will be a large piece of cat furniture in your home. 


If you are looking for a tree that will house multiple cats at once with many areas to choose from, the 68-inch multi-level cat tree is a great choice. It may draw attention to itself due to its big size, but if that isn’t an issue, it’s a reliable product.

Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

Amazon Basics Cat Tower with Hammock and Scratching Posts for Indoor Cats, 15.8 x 15.8 x 19.7...
  • Cat tower in Gray designed to engage indoor cats in climbing and scratching and cozy naptime
  • 2 sturdy scratching posts, plush suspended hammock, secure base, and a replaceable dangling soft ball toy
  • Natural jute fiber provides an optimal texture for cats to sharpen claws and keep nails healthy
  • Redirects cats away from scratching household carpet or furniture
  • Easy to assemble in a matter of minutes

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower is among the simplest on our list. We recommend this product if you are looking for a simple structure for your cat to rest and scratch safely. It consists of a single cat hammock that must be reached by climbing the scratching posts and a hanging ball for your cat to play with. 

The bottom platform is also covered in soft faux fur for two resting options (or another cat to hang out on). This platform reinforces the weight distribution of the structure, which relies on two legs to hold the hammock. 

This cat tree is best for mellow cats that do not explore much and need an outlet for their scratching (that is not your furniture). Because it is not too imposing, cats quickly become comfortable with it and want to spend time nearby. The hammock is covered in a soft faux fur to make curling up easy and comfortable.  

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 15.75 x 15.75 x 19.69 inches
  • Weight: 8.95 pounds
  • Material: Soft plush, jute fiber rope
  • Colors: Beige, gray
  • Installation: 4 pieces and easy to put together

What We Like

  • Because of its compact size and lightweight construction, this is one of the best cat trees for apartments.
  • With only four pieces, this structure is easy to put together with stable posts.

What We Don’t Like 

  • Weighing under 9 pounds makes it less sturdy than other items on our list and may not be best for large cats. 
  • Cats may outgrow the hammock area or hang out the sides if they are too big. 


The Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower keeps it simple. For a small, compact, and comfortable place for your cat to relax, it’ll do the job. We recommend this for older or calmer cats who do not need much activity or stimulation and small cats as it cannot hold large cats easily. 

Modern Cat Tower with Sisal Covered Scratching Posts

Made4Pets Modern Cat Tree for Large Cat, Wood Cat Tower Heavy Duty with Scratch Post for Indoor Big...
  • Stylish and Not an Eye-Sore: Different from the typical carpet-covered cat tree, this cat castle is inspired by sky city...
  • Easy to assemble: You can follow the manual or video(on the page) to assemble easily in one or two hours. All tools needed...
  • Reliable and Clean: Sturdy structure and thick base allow cats to jump up and down freely and safely. To create a clean and...
  • Enough Space for Playing: The upper clear bowl offers a birds-view for cute climbers. Two large condos are designed for...
  • Online Q&A: Our customer service will solve your problems with all aspects ASAP if needed. Don't wait any longer, build a cat...

The Made4Pets Cat Tree is another modern cat tree made with sturdy and polished natural wood grain particle boards. It offers a multi-layer sleeping condo with cut holes for easy access and visibility, three climbing platforms resting on scratching posts, and a plastic bubble nest for them to play with toys. Hanging balls add another play element to keep your cat entertained. 

The wood finish makes this cat tree one of the most attractive on our list. We recommend this tree if you want to provide a play area for your cat but don’t want it to draw attention to the cat tree in a room. Three small holes on the top condo area make relaxing a little more interactive and give cats more unique vantage points in the room. 

While this is not an outdoor cat tree, the Made4Pets cat tree is one of the few models that will suffer the least material damage if left outdoors. With the cat condo and holes, this may not be able to keep them very warm. We recommend keeping this cat tree indoors, especially as it more design-forward than traditional cat climbing trees. 

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 31.5 x 15.7 x 51.2 inches 
  • Weight: 54 pounds 
  • Material: CARB-certified board, felt fabric, sisal rope
  • Colors: Walnut
  • Installation: Manual and tools provided

What We Like 

  • The wood surfaces, plastic nest, dangling balls, and removable mats can be easily cleaned and washed to keep the structure in the best condition.
  • Condos include soft cushions inside to keep the cat warm and comfortable.
  • Instructions are straightforward for installation, and all tools are included.

What We Don’t Like 

  • Many cats may not enjoy the clear dome nest for laying as it is curved and made of plastic, which may not be as comfortable for the cat.


Another cool design choice, the Made4Pets Cat Tree, is an interactive solution for cats to play and rest in a beautifully constructed condo. This is another tree that we wouldn’t mind keeping on display at home.

Small Cat Tower and Scratching Post

Feandrea Cat Tree, Small Cat Tower, Cat Condo, Kitten Activity Center with Scratching Post, Basket,...
  • [Where Is Her Favorite Spot?] Yawning on the well-padded top perch, melting into the basket lounger, or hiding in the cave...
  • [For Sweet Bundles of Energy] Cats are tender creatures. But they’re also bundles of energy that jump around or play with...
  • [Kittens Like to Join] You bought your kitten a huge cat tree, but your little velvet paw doesn't dare go up? Don't overdo it...
  • [Not Only for Large Landowners] This 20.9” x 13” x 26.8” cat furniture also fits in single apartments, under window...
  • [Make Your Cats Happy] Spoil your cats with this scratching tree so they won't feel lonely when you’re away, and let them...

One of the more traditional looking cat trees, the FEANDRA cat tree has a padded bed for relaxing, two additional perches, a hammock, and a covered cave area underneath. There is also a scratching area included for them to enjoy. This tree is also on the smaller side (measuring 18.9 x 12.6 x 26.7 inches), making it an excellent fit for apartments and kittens. 

This can easily sit next to or behind a couch without towering over it for a discrete play and rest area. Two cats can comfortably fit on this structure, but one cat may appreciate having this smaller structure for themselves. 

If you are looking for a cat tree that offers multiple areas for activity but does not overtake an entire room, the FEANDREA cat tree is one of the best options. It is covered in faux fur to keep the cats comfortable and is available in three colors to match your home. Compared to other cat trees of similar size and features, this one is among the best in quality and price. 

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Size available: 18.9 x 12.6  x 26.7 inches 
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Material: Particleboard, plush, sisal
  • Colors: Beige, light gray, smoky gray 
  • Installation: Instructions included

What We Like 

  • It is an easily approachable cat tree for timid or small cats to get used to playing and relaxing at heights.
  • Easy to follow instructions make installation simple.

What We Don’t Like 

  • The lightweight structure tends to wobble with multiple cats or lots of movement. 
  • The hammock does not have the best balance, allowing it to tip while your cat is getting situated. 


Fun, small, and compact, the FEANDRA cat tree is the perfect apartment solution that still offers options for play spaces and relaxing. Check this cat tree out for your small cats or as a stepping stone to larger trees and condos. 

What to Look for In A Cat Tree 

When looking for cat trees, you’ll notice plenty of options available on the market, including the wide range mentioned throughout this article. Finding a cat tree that is safe and durable will be your top priority when choosing one for your cat. Ensuring that the cat can easily climb the tree without it breaking or falling will require durable construction and materials.  

These are essential features to look for in a cat tree depending on your individual cat’s activity and needs: 

Construction material: Ideally, the sturdiest cat trees with be made with wooden planks or boards. Hardwood pieces will be the most durable and unlikely to break, but many are made with composite or sheets of particleboard (including plywood). Most cat trees will be covered in fabric or carpet, with many cats preferring a rougher surface that they can rub against. 

Weight distribution: How the cat tree is constructed will also determine its likeliness to topple over. You’ll want one that is evenly distributed in both its design and location of heavier wood materials. The base is one of the most critical points to consider in this weight distribution. 

Levels and Height: Cat trees can get fancy with multiple levels and obstacles for the cat to play on. You’ll want to consider which one is best based on your cat’s size and if they are declawed or not. You may also be wondering what the best cat trees for declawed cats are? Ensure the levels are close in distance so they can easily make their way up without the need to rely on claws. This may require stairs or shorter perches. Not only does declawing entail painful procedures, but it does not allow cats to climb easily (Source: Humane Society). 

Perches: Having multiple places to jump between or rest can add more challenges and excitement for the cat. Cat trees for large cats should be taller and can have further away to reach, while small cats may benefit from a smaller tree. This will make it easier for them to leap from one area to the next. 

Sleeping Areas: Areas that are covered and have padded cushions inside will not only be more comfortable for your cat but will provide them with an additional layer of security. Look for cave-like areas or condos that will keep them warm and protected.  

If your cat is a climber, consider taller trees with more difficult climbing obstacles. A simple cat tree can also provide some much-needed security for a cat off the ground. More perch areas and complex components are best for homes with multiple cats. 

Note: The cat trees mentioned on our list are designed for indoor use, but nearly all can be used as outdoor cat trees for outdoor cats. The faux fur materials will not hold up well outside with bad weather conditions, but they will still offer areas for cats to play outside. We recommend choosing one that is sturdy but not too expensive as it will wear out more quickly. 

Benefits of Cat Trees 

Beyond being fun to play on and giving your cat a place to scratch and perch, cat trees provide multiple health benefits and outlets for your cat. A cat tree can satisfy many of their needs and keep your cat healthy and active. 

These are the primary benefits of having your cat use a cat tree: 

Satisfy instinctual urges: Just as the climb in trees, cats stay at heights for safety. A cat tree replicates that sense of safety and allows them to maintain a vantage point of an environment (Source: LeaderVet). This may make them more comfortable, especially with multiple cats in the home. This also builds their confidence and allows them to become more adventurous. Cats are also natural climbers, so cat trees let them enjoy that activity.

Security: Timid cats benefit from cat trees for many of the same reasons mentioned above. Giving a cat a better view of a room will allow them to identify any potential “risks” and give them a greater sense of power and control. This will help make them more comfortable in common rooms and around other cats and humans. 

Exercise: Cat trees with multiple levels, toys, or obstacles keep your cat moving and active. This will help to keep them at target weight levels and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This also encourages indoor cats to exercise more than they would otherwise. You can expect younger cats to be more active and need to expel more energy throughout the day. 

Territory marking: Cats use scratching as a way to mark their territory. Doing so on a safe post is a better option than around your house. This marking is a vital stress reliever for cats, limiting any anxieties (Source: ASPCA). Healthy cats should have a way to release stress for good psychological health. If you are having trouble getting them to scratch in these set areas, consider incorporating catnip and toys to attract them.

Distractions: Cats like to explore, and without a cat tree, they may get into trouble. Scratching and going into areas they shouldn’t be could be a problem for your cat. Putting a cat tree in your home can serve as a needed distraction and keep them occupied. 

Adding a cat tree to your home will enhance the life experience and fulfillment of the cat and satisfy the needs of their health. Any form of cat tree will help to satisfy these needs for cats and allow them to replicate their natural environments. More complex trees offer more stimulation and challenges for active cats. 

And the Best Cat Tree Is…

While all of the cat trees and condos on our list would make great additions to a home, our recommendations for the best cat trees are the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower for larger structures and the FEANDRA Cat Tree for apartment living and kittens. With the Refined Feline model, kittens can grow into it, and it will look like a piece of art in your home. 

Ensure that you look into the specific details of construction and safety when choosing a cat tree or condo. A soft carpet or faux fur and cushions in sleeping areas also adds areas of comfort that will encourage your cat to spend more time on the tree. The best tree will offer areas for your cat to play and relax to stay active and healthy.